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Your best friend deserves the best adventure.

Find it with

The Deschutes Pack

In Bend, Oregon.

Licensed and Insured
Dog walking, Pet Sitting, and Housesitting Services

A small black dog in a blue jacket running towards the camera with an australian kelpie behind on a snowy trail in Bend, OR
Three dogs running and playing in a field off Cascade Lakes Highway with Broken Top Mountain in the background.
Two dogs running on a hillside, one with a stick in its mouth and a large expanse of Central Oregon in the background.
An australian shepherd trotting along the hillside with a butterfly flying overhead and Mount Bachelor in the distance.
A group of dogs walking alongside a river in a marshy area under blue cloudy skies.
Two golden retrievers, one looking at the camera and the other swimming in the Deschutes River in Bend Oregon.
Two dogs, one swimming in No Name Lake at the base of Broken Top Mountain off Cascade Lakes Highway in Bend, Oregon
Two dogs running in a shallow lake with Mount Bachelor and a forest in the background.
An australian shepherd and German shepherd walking through the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon
Two dogs running in a shallow stream off of the Cascade Lakes Highway in Bend, Oregon
Four dogs running in a grassy field in Central Oregon. Labrador retrievers, Bernese Mountain, and Duck Tolling Retriever
A dog who has hiked to the top of a mountain with a view of Bend, Oregon' Three Sisters in the background
A Bernese mountain dog splashing through the water at a spring off of Cascade Lakes Highway in Bend, Oregon.
Six dogs walking away from the camera on a snowy trail with manzanita heading into a Ponderosa Forest in Bend, Oregon
An australian shepherd running after a vizla next to the Deschutes river in Central Oregon
Two dogs taking a break from adventure in an alpine field with a snowy mountain, Mount Bachelor, in the background. Cascade
a white and brown dog running after a brown dog during winter in the sagebrush desert
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